Wednesdays at 10:30PMin Sue Ellen's Dallas

The Queer Off


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The Queer Off is a live 14-week elimination style competition, showcasing the talents of the queer community. Every Wednesyday at 10:30PM in Sue Ellen's Dallas (get directions) contestetants will put makeup skills, costuming abilities, hot glue mastery, performance chops, and much more to the ultimate test. 18 Queers will battle week to week in runway and performance challenges while trying to avoid elimination. The last Queer standing will not only be awarded a crown, jewelry and bragging rights but also a cash prize!

Watch Kylee O'Hara Fatale and the winner of Season One, Trisha Delish critique the runway looks for week 1 of The Queer Off Season Two!

The Season Two Queers

3" Tall Anime Fashion Punk Sent From Venus

Kitty Yubari is 3 things, anime, high fashion, and punk. A mix of Harajuku street style and high fashion club kid make her a different kind of performer in the DFW area. Nevertheless, she's spunky and flirty, but a little dangerous.

Drag Queen/GenderF*ck Nightmare

Judas is the antichrist lovechild of Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson. She's crazy, controversial, confusing, and WILL call you out on your bullshit.


If campy & alternative had a baby. My performance style and music/mix selection is very versatile.

Drag queen, drag king, burlesque, dance (vogue)

High energy, playful, memorable dance moves. Partial to bubblegum pop cunty femme and kpop pretty boy king (JK Luzon Fury).

Pole Queen

Pole dancing queen that always turns looks

Drag/Performance Art

Indigo is an intense visual performer. She likes to incorporate bright playful colors with an edgy twist. She is also very crafty and creative, capable of pulling off unique looks. On stage, she is an intense lip syncer. She may not be able to dance the house down, but she can lip sync like a mother tucker.

Comedic Dancing queen

A dancing, stunting, comedy queen that give life through theatrical wit & technical dance training.


My persona is all woman. I like to give body, face and garments that cinch the waist! I like to embody feminity and deliver sensual performances to encapture my audience

Dancing, Plus Size Fish Queen, Dancing Queen, Funny, Somewhat Campy

Farrah is a plus size fish who loves the crowd! She can dance and put on a show. She has a very simple but creative look. She works the crowd from the back to front. She wants everyone watching see her passion and love for the art of drag. She's old school drag with the a touch of style of the new drag performers.

Drag Queen

Blue Valentine is a high energy, highly emotional, glamorous and stupid bitch. I find inspiration from 90s runway, 2000s punk girls, and video games


she doesn't just perform, she likes to put on a show. She wants to give the audience everything they where expecting and more.


The Bearded Queer is an extremely versatile performer. Their abilities range across the spectrum from comedy, spooky, club kid, and their own version of glam. (I call it clown fish). Their look is androgynous in nature and mixes the best aspects of male and female into the creature they are today. On stage they command a crowd and they pride themselves on their tight lipsyncs and ability to sell a character

Maxwell Silverhammer Graves

💕💀 your friendly neighborhood 80s glam rock pastel goth • GRAVES • walking Beatles wiki • shirley temple drinker • cotton candy clown 💀💕

Princess From Hell


Just a Denton Queen in the Witness Protection Program 💋

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